6 months

It’s been six months and both of us feel amazing. There have been a lot of challenges in my personal life since the surgery- a break up and new job in a new community which also means three hours of commuting a day. My son’s father moved back to the community which has been a support for both us that I am extremely grateful for but also meant less time with him which was another change I had to adapt to. I went from a job where I was able to pick my son up every day to not getting home until 630 or so at night. I quit my permanent job last year to get into a union environment which is quite challenging. I started off in a casual full time role for 4 months and ended up getting a temporary one year starting just before my surgery, phew. Since then two more opportunities have came up and I have not been successful in the competition which has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I have also lost a loved one to suicide & another youth in my canoe family which was very heartbreaking. Losing family, having my brother get sick, being single again make the job stuff seem like just another challenge that is much easier to deal with.

Although Ryan and I are both working long days & maintaining a healthy lifestyle of fitness & nutrition. Ryan is working nights so he has a routine for food prep & exercise that seems to be working for him. I get up at 5 or 530 to train with my amazingly motivated, fun running partner Catherine 🙂 We started running together early December as I saw her constantly getting workouts in before 7 am on my running app…. our first day I was sure she would cancel as it was a storm, but no we went and it was actually pretty fun. You feel pretty good about yourself when you have run 6-10 k while the rest of the world is sleeping. Sometimes we see the stars it’s so dark out! Running has went from something I am doing to keep healthy physically, to something I look forward for fun & stress relief.

My stomach is a bit lumpy still but starting to feel more toned, sometimes there is a bit of swelling & numbness which I’m sure is part of the body’s healing process. The scars are not bad at all, actually kind of happy to have them 🙂 Energy wise I am feeling great, the fatigue has went away and the fatigue I do experience on occasion I would attribute to my schedule and stress more then donating a kidney.

Ryan has been doing well physically. He had mild rejection within the first week and did a high dose prednisone treatment. His immune system was quite low recently due to the immunosuppressant drugs, they have lowered his medication and his white blood cell count has improved significantly.

Before our surgery I talked to Ryan about doing a 5 km run for New Years Eve with me, which also happens to be our six month kidneyversary. He agreed to do it which was way out of his comfort zone, I was so happy he followed through and came running with me. He was not able to train as much as he wanted but went out and did it anyway and ran his way right through the finish line 🙂 He didn’t seem to excited about it before hand but now that it’s done he’s talking about trying a 10 k in the spring!

There has been so much change this past year, the transplant just seems to have been the catalyst for a lot of it. Having the courage to donate an organ has also given me the courage to be vulnerable enough to try out new things in my career and let go of relationships that were not working. I am a very goal oriented person and find it difficult to not focus on the outcome. This year has been a reminder to enjoy the present moment and process, not just focus on the destination, doing the best with my day or week not worrying about six months or years from now. Although last year was challenging it was also the most rewarding. I have connected more to my spirituality,career, health, family and friends on a much deeper level which has been the most healing part of my journey. I feel so blessed to have so much support and abundance in my life.